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Powerhouse Industries inc.


About Us

JIFFYJUMP is the trade name of Powerhouse Industries – Powerhouse has been in the business of building, renting and servicing jump-starting equipment for over thirty years. Our business and the equipment we build are aimed at the automotive, transportation, heavy construction equipment, and the motor coach industries. We have service trucks on the road daily and guarantee fast breakdown repair/replacement service based on your shops location.

Our company provides full service leases on the East Coast from Maine down to Virginia. We also build and sell units to the US Military through our GSA contract. The original JIFFYJUMP jumpstarter is a patented, totally portable, self- contained, industrial quality battery booster and charger capable of starting up to 50 12-volt vehicles without having to be plugged into an AC outlet. We can also custom build 12-volt, 16-volt, 18-volt and /or 24-volt jumpstarting systems to meet a company’s specific needs. Our equipment comes either on wheels or as a fixed-mounted unit. We are a veteran and woman owned company and all equipment is made in the USA.

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